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Bot-Free AI Autopilot
for Post-Meeting Tasks⚡

Shadow automatically listens to and understands your conversations without a bot, helping you complete all your meeting follow-up tasks 20x faster — from writing follow-up emails to updating CRM and beyond.

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How it works?

With our autopilot technology, Shadow performs tasks
that are being discussed without the need for buttons.

1. Let Shadow Listen

Once you activate Shadow, you can turn on autopilot mode, so that Shadow can listen to your conversations imperceptibly.

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2. Get Transcript & Summaries

Once your conversation is over, Shadow instantly generates transcripts and timestamped summaries for your reference.

3. Get SH#T done

Based on the transcripts, Shadow is able to perform skills that takes care of tasks discussed during the meeting beyond just summaries

Automate your meeting workflow, with Shadow

Your time is too valuable to be spent taking meeting notes.
Let Shadow take care of everything from capturing the conversation to handling follow-up tasks.

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Privacy First

Shadow stores all of the recordings locally on your device. No one else can access them, unless you allow for it.

Ever-growing Skills

Shadow is learning new skills every day, with more exciting features set to be released. Stay tuned.


Let Shadow handle the hard work for you

Are you spending too much time reviewing conversations
you’ve already had? Let Shadow take care of that.

Extract Action Items

Shadow helps you keep your word. You'll have everything you need from action items, complete with due dates and assignees.

Extract Key Insights

No need for manual CRM updates! Shadow extracts key insights from your conversations such as Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing.

Find Answers

Need to list everything your interviewee said in response to your questions? Get it done in just 1 second with personalized formatting.

Write Follow-up Emails

Keep everyone aligned with follow-up emails effortlessly. Shadow drafts these emails for you, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

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Performance Feedback

Enhance your communication skills with feedback from Shadow, based on its thorough analysis of your conversations.

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Write Proposals

Shadow understands your customer’s budget and needs from your conversations. Why not let Shadow draft your proposals?

Too good to be true?

See for yourself how the magic happens

Never take meeting notes ever again